Luxury accommodation, star gazing, hiking

                               The extraordinary combination of high mountains, blue sky and wide open space is what makes
                                Vrisch Gewagt so special. Winter brings a new perspective to the Karoo when the sky might
                         not be as blue during the day, but the stars are spectacular against the cold, dark night.

              Activity List
           Sleep till noon
             Stare into space
               Write a poem
                Paint a pretty picture
                 Lie on your back and stare at the sky
                  Float in the pool and admire the view
                   Have an afternoon nap
                    Eat wholesome Karoo food
                     Drink fine wine and stargaze at night
                       finally read that long awaited novel
write that masterpiece
explore and learn about your environment

Bird Watching
The comfy Bird Hide, overlooking an olive grove, the prickly pears and the dam, is the perfect spot to gel out with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, binoculars, camera or a good book.
Hundreds of bird watchers are attracted to the Karoo and they say up to 120 bird species have been identified in the area. The river, reeds, dams, trees and succulent plants on the farm attract many species of birds. An hour or so in a bird hide is one of the most rewarding and relaxing experiences.
Bird species in these parts include, Buzzards, Goshawks, larks, chats, Karoo Korhaan, Namaqua Sandgrouse, Pied Barbet, Redeyed Bulbul, Karoo and Cape Robin, Titbabbler, Layard's Titbabbler, Yellowbellied Eremomola, Starling, Sunbirds, Redheaded Finch, an Occasional Eagle and the Jackal Buzzard.

Floating Deck
There's just something about chilling out on a floating deck on a full farm dam, surrounded by chirping birds and incredible sunsets. Just try it while you're there!

There are so many "best things" about the Karoo, but certainly one of the hottest is stargazing. Full moon is like a cosmic floodlight beamed out by God himself. Outside of full moon, the chilly nights and the midnight blue, unpolluted Karoo sky sets the stage for our galaxy's outer spiral arm in all its glory. If you have a telescope, you can train it on Orion's Nebula, the nearest globular cluster or follow the lazy path of the international space station across the sky.

Starlight dinner
For a special occasion … or not … the Vrisch Gewagt staff will help you set up a special outdoor dining experience.

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