Luxury accommodation, star gazing, hiking

Vrischgewagt - not for ordinary people

Vrisch Gewagt obviously attracts a special kind of person.
 We city rats just  do not know that kind of stillness anymore.  We spent the first two days on  adventurous excursions, and we met the most eccentric people, all passionate about their Karoo. I spent the third day doing a bit of writing and just absorbing the silence.

That evening, as I was walking along the sand road to the main house for one of our raucous Italian meals, the pink glow of sunset across the Renosterveld, Springbok on the hill next to me, young olive trees, branches outstretched to the wind, begging for rain  … I was suddenly overwhelmed with an intense love for the place. Only then could I really start writing. I will go back many times.

By Ronnie Whitaker - South Africa