Shhhh...!! This is a place of silence. A place of respect… for the planet, the elements, the tranquil pace of life in the Karoo, and for the hardy pioneers here before us.

If you love the smog and bright lights of the big city... If you prefer loud parties to the wind rustling through the trees ... stilettos to hiking boots, spoilt house cats to wild dassies. If you lack the patience to wait for a tortoise to cross your path… Don't come!

This is the place where the land can't be tamed, where prayers are more passionate and where the seasons bide their own time. If you hear the call of the wind. If you feel the pull of the mountains. If you need to visit the wide open spaces of the Renosterveld, walk the path of the Springbok, the leopards, the Giant Hare, the Karakul and the tortoise. If you know it is time to stop the world and be one with nature, in perfect silence. If you want to really see the stars…. This place is for you. Here, you will experience a new state of being … And you won't want to share it with just anyone.

At first, you think there's something wrong when you arrive. It takes a while to figure it out – it's the absolute silence. You will hear your own heartbeat and breathing, and the sound of your thoughts, as you get back in touch with yourself. Your snoring might wake you at night, but nothing else will.

Worthy of an Isabel Allende novel, a romance with the history of the Karoo is evident in the architecture of Vrisch Gewagt, a harmonious symphony in décor, landscaping and design. Synergy meets practicality in the modular structures, with high ceilings and cavity walls ensuring comfort in the hottest months and fireplaces for warmth - so you can still look sexy in winter!