As is the way of the Karoo, the wildlife will reveal itself to you in its own time. That's another way of saying you might see nothing at all, except for buck … you would have to be asleep for your entire stay not to see the buck, but nobody is going to judge you. The Karoo demands that you work for your pleasures, and that includes the tourists. You need to be observant and "in the moment" to spot the animals, speaking of which, few people have seen the mountain leopards, but apparently they are there. The best time to see the Giant Hare and Springbok is at sunrise and sunset, but approach gently as they will start at the tinkle of ice in your single malt.

The Renosterveld is home to a few species of Tortoise, among them the Giant Mountain Tortoise. These gentle creatures can teach us a lot about walking softly on the planet, steadfastly, carefully and purposefully. Baboons, Caracal and Jackal also hang out on the farm.

More retiring but also common to the area are Rock rabbits, Hare, Aardvark, Porcupine, African Wild Cat, Meerkat, Kudu, Grey Rhebok, Klipspringer, Grysbok, Duiker. We haven't mentioned them all as guests get a huge kick out of reporting sightings that are not listed as inhabitants on the farm.