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Unless you’re an oil company or a minister of energy with an interest in turning a quick buck, a few days in the Karoo are enough to turn most visitors into eco warriors. So imagine the passion for the land and its inhabitants if you happen to be a Vet. For a day in the life of an Eco-Warrior, Vet and Organic Veggie Farmer do not miss Brett the Vet’s regular blog!.

From fragile eco systems, to predator management and mismanagement, to our inclination towards selective persecution of plants, animals and fellow humans, Brett the Vet’s views on the subjects that affect all of us in the chain of human frailty are gentle, but thought provoking

Fracking in the Karoo

Help save the Karoo! Once you're in love with the Karoo, you can't help becoming an Activist. Being that close to nature, as a constant witness to the beauty and the fragility of our planet , you just get upset when you see tortoises who have lost their shells because of careless drivers, desertification from over grazing, water wastage and any form of pollution! Ironically, this fragile place of beauty has been earmarked for "fracking," a drilling technique used to extract shale gas from deep underground, which has resulted in permanent water, health and environment damage among US communities. Frakking a single shale also requires millions of liters of water, which seems retarded in an area already desperately short of water! So, rightfully, Karoo lovers are seriously fracked off! If you would like to read more about it, or join the movement against the bully boy international oil magnates and Government, sign up to fight it on:

Olive Oil Activism

With growing calls for quality control in the olive oil industry, consumers around the word are learning to tell the difference between fake product and pure, healthy, freshly squeezed olive oil. In the interests of purity in olive oil, Vrisch Gewagt supports the Citizen Oil Activism introduced by Tom Mueller , who, through his articles in the New Yorker and via his website, has been exposing the murky world of the adulterated olive oil trade. Before buying your next bottle of olive oil, check out the website: